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New direction for YCC

The launch of its new Strategic Plan heralds a new direction for the Yackandandah Community Centre.

Growth and change have been a feature of the Yackandandah community; the new YCC Strategic Plan reflects those changes and defines its purpose with the statement –

YCC is Where Our Community Connects and Grows Together.

YCC chair, Bill Dee said the Strategic Plan was a blueprint for how the centre connects with and communicates to the community.

“I’m thrilled with the new Strategic Plan as it helps to guide YCC in a direction which best meets community needs,’’ Mr Dee said.

“It outlines our key strategic pillars which include, being an organisation people want to work with, strengthening our organisational capacity, developing a strong and positive profile across the community and connecting people with opportunities.

“We gained some valuable insights with a community survey last year. It showed that we need to do more in terms of communicating with the Yack community.

“We are also keen to build partnerships with other groups and develop collaborative projects to meet community needs and identify areas where YCC can add value to the community.’’

YCC vice chair, Karen Keegan said the new plan aimed at connecting with the community.

“This really is a confirmation of what YCC does,’’ she said.

“It is really going to strengthen our commitment to the community and demonstrate that we are community focussed, and we want to help our community grow together.’’

Manager, David Thorpe said YCC had evolved through the years, and the new plan would initiate a different focus for the organisation.

YCC has initiated and conducted a broad range of projects and programs for the community since its establishment in 1992.

“In its early days YCC was really the only organisation in town which offered courses and programs, there has been a wonderful array of learning opportunities that have been a huge part of YCC’s success,’’ Mr Thorpe said.

“We will still offer those learning opportunities however, there are now several other organisations in town which provide a wide range of activities and courses.

“And with the advent of the internet you can learn just about anything with a Google or Youtube search.

“So rather than compete with those other streams of learning opportunities the committee has decided to focus more on a broader approach to community development.

“One of the ways we will do that is through collaboration with other organisations.

“For instance, YCC auspiced the Yackandandah Women’s Shed last year and worked with them to get the group up and going. They have had a fantastic start and are now doing some terrific things.’’

Mr Dee said other successful collaborations in the past couple of years included the establishment of the Yackandandah Community Initiative (YCI) and teaming up with Indigo FM to create Yack Chat during the early stages of the COVID pandemic.

YCI brought the towns service organisations together to discuss working collaboratively to provide for community need. Yack Chat initiated live-to-air talkback capability at the Indigo FM Yackandandah Studio.

“Working with YCI, the Yack Lions Club helped provide free or low-cost hand sanitiser to the community when it was otherwise unavailable or very expensive,’’ Mr Dee said

“YCI also developed and distributed a business listing of those businesses which were still able to operate during shut downs to promote buying local.

“And Yack Chat brought live-to-air talkback radio to Indigo FM for the first time, aimed at providing another avenue of communication, especially for those people with limited access to technology, during a time that most of us were confined to our homes.

“The new strategic plan will build on these initiatives and create pathways of connection and communication to benefit our vibrant, creative community.’’

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