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Wodonga Centres transition back to community

27 Apr 2024

Exciting time ahead for neighbourhood houses in Wodonga

Felltimber and Baranduda Community Centres, both formerly operated by Wodonga Council, are transitioning back to being community run over the next few months. 

Bandiana Neighbourhood House and Birallee Park Neighbourhood House were both successful with their applications to take over the leases and funding agreements for Baranduda and Felltimber respectively.

"This is fantastic for Birallee", said manager Edwina Bugge. "We've been looking for an alternative location for several years now, so we've appreciated the opportunity to move our neighbourhood house into a new home.

"The Felltimber centre is such a great community asset, and we look forward to exploring new opportunities with the local communities."

Both neighbourhood houses will both continue operating from their existing locations at Bandiana Army Base and Emerald Avenue as well.

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