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The Department of Health (DHS) and DEECD funded organisations are required to make an annual 'attestation' or declaration on their risk management strategies.

This is done online through the Funded Agency Channel. 

For a link to the Service Agreement Information Kit for Funded Organisations Click here.

Timelines for making the risk attestation

  • The risk attestation due date is aligned to an organisation's Financial Accountability Requirements (FAR) due date.

  • The Risk Attestation is due three months after the beginning of an organisation's financial operating period, or seven days after an organisation's annual general meeting (AGM). The initial attestation is not required on 1 July 2013 as previously advised.

  • For an organisation operating on a financial year basis, the first attestation will be due by 1 October 2013 or seven days after the AGM. For organisations operating on a calendar year basis, the first attestation will be due 1 April 2014, or seven days after the AGM.

  • If an organisation operates on a different period, an organisation can simply add three months from the beginning of its operating period, or seven days after its AGM to determine the risk attestation due date.

  • The primary contact of an organisation will be sent a request to complete the online risk attestation well before the due date. This request will normally be by email. The request will include instructions for accessing and completing the online risk attestation.

  • More information on this process can be found in this document from Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) which is a Statutory Authority established by the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority Act 1996.

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