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The Network advocates on behalf of members to the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH), Neighbourhood Houses Victoria, local government and other government departments and agencies. This includes:

  • raising issues and concerns about funding and other issues that impact the sustainability of neighbourhood houses in the Upper Murray

  • gathering data to demonstrate the impact of neighbourhood house activity

  • promoting the activity of members through the Network website, social media, and newsletter 

  • raising awareness of neighbourhood houses as key community assets

The work of neighbourhood houses is underpinned by community development principles that have been developed for the neighbourhood house sector. Part of our role as a Network is to highlight the link between their work in community development, the reduction of loneliness and isolation, and building community resilience.


We do this through our monthly newsletter, which provides stories that demonstrate community development in action through the neighbourhood houses in Upper Murray,  as well as through strategic partnerships, collaborations and membership of networks. These provide opportunities to link members into broader regional strategies and discussions and raise the profile of the work of neighbourhood houses. 

We are currently active participants in the following:

  • Ovens Murray Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Alliance

  • Northeast Resilience Network

  • Ovens Murray Family Violence Partnership

  • Hume Regional Recovery Committee

  • Community Organisation Climate Network (VCOSS)

  • Resilience Community of Practice (Jesuit Social Services)

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