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Celebrating connections through art

12 Feb 2024

Pangerang Community Hub annual exhibition celebrates local artists and strong female community leaders.

Pangerang Community Hub hosted their Annual Student Art Exhibition in November.  "This is an annual exhibition of all the art work that our participants have created throughout the year through various programs including mosaic class, drawing & pastels classes, women's wellness group, and kids art classes," said Tennille Hall, Executive Officer 

"We've held the annual exhibition for 9 years and is such a wonderful way to celebrate the students, they always feel so proud.  The exhibition looks professional, displayed in Bainz Gallery at the Wangaratta Library.  We have wine and an abundance of cheese platters, inviting the students and their family and friends, as well as the broader community and local paper.  We have an official opening speech and people have a really wonderful time. 

"Each year we have a 'wall of fame' where we identify a strong female leader from the community who has made a substantial contribution through volunteering, been a trail blazer, or achieved a significant goal.  We are so excited to announce that next year to celebrate our 10th year, we've invited our very own Trish Curtis to be our art subject.  Trish will come and sit for our art students and they will draw/paint her, and we will celebrate her contribution to volunteering, as well as her dedication to adult education and neighbourhood houses. 

"I often get a bit bogged down at the end of the year and everything feels like a rush. However, the annual student art exhibition reminds me of why we are here and that we need to actually stop and be present to enjoy the community we are working with. It's an amazing way to gather everyone together that's been involved in the house throughout the year, I'd highly recommend it."

Tennille Hall, Executive Officer
Pangerang Community Hub

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