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Exciting new projects at Quercus Beechworth

11 Jan 2024

Successful grant applications support new projects for Quercus Beechworth in 2024.

Quercus Beechworth has a couple of exciting new projects starting up.

"We were successful with our application for the Connecting Carers in Their Community grant," said Paivi Watson, Manager at Quercus. "The project is a partnership with Beechworth Health, Indigo Shire, Indigo North Health, Yackandandah Community Centre, Chiltern Neighbourhood House, Changing Minds Beechworth and local carers. We received the full amount of $40,000.

"The grant will allow the group to provide more support and resources to unpaid carers in our community. We are using the funding to work with carers to co-design a project to connect carers through community meals across Indigo.

Quercus was also successful in applying for an Indigo Shire Community Sustainability grant. "Our project is called Adaptation of Quercus Gardens to Sustainably Meet a Changing Climate," said Paivi. "The grant funds will be used to reduce the exposure of the Quercus food gardens to increasing climatic extremes.

"This is part of our ongoing interest in climate change and sustainability."

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