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It's the little things that count

12 Feb 2024

The little acts of kindness that happen every day at neighbourhood houses make a big difference in people's lives.

One of our members who had joined our weekly Be Connected session had a problem that she didn’t think anyone could help her with. After losing her husband early in the year, she had been paying for his phone every month so she could listen to his voice message to be closer to him. She wasn't able to keep paying the bill, but didn't want to lose that connection with her husband.

Together, with the use three phones, we were able to ring her husband’s phone, record his voice
on her phone and then send the memo as an email to share with her family. With finding this solution, she broke down with both happiness and sadness.

The following week she arrived with a bunch of flowers and a thank you card which was unexpected, but much appreciated.

Leisha Deery, Manager
Trudewind Rd Neighbourhood House

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