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Men connect through cooking at Felltimber

12 Feb 2024

The Culinary Gents men's cooking program provides social connection, cooking skills and support for men by other men.

The development of this program occurred as part of the 'Behind the Scenes' Network-wide gambling harm reduction project, and over the last 12 months has blossomed into a program that provides social connection, cooking skills, and support for men by other men.

Our facilitator, Bob Curry, is a council staff member and has gained skills supporting the delivery of our Pop Up Italian Café, and whilst he is not a qualified chef, he has a love for food and has experience in the kitchen. He also understands the importance of providing opportunity for men to connect and learn from other men, in a safe space.

The group has attracted a variety of members with differing skills and abilities, some who are widowers and are seeking support and social connection, and others who have a simple love of cooking. We recently moved the program from Baranduda to Felltimber which has assisted in bringing in new members. Whilst the program provides social connection and skill building, the focus is to also teach affordable and healthy cooking. Culinary Gents runs once a month, and is a favourite on our calendar.

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